Curved Wood Creations

I work with wood, stone, glass and stainless steel.

I specialize in the making of curves; this allows me to mimic the graceful and energetic curves of the natural world and I derive inspiration from animal forms, trees, rivers, wind and water. People respond well to the shapes I make. They enjoy the playfulness and freedom of line, and see the resemblance of natural forms in the designs, recognising Nature’s design rules.

Much of our built environment is straight lined and right angled. This is different. Steam bending wood needs skills which are not common today, in fact they are rare. The boatwrights, wheelwrights and coopers of yesterday used these skills daily.

I enjoy making architectural features that are both functional and beautiful.

“I like the idea of a number of different shaped benches, say, a circle made from two semi circular benches linked to an S shaped bench seat by a snake-like rippling shaped bench seat. This would enable two areas for interaction separated by one for more contemplative times.”

“I understand that design is a consultative process and that the clients’ wishes and opinions need to be accommodated. Certainly the number, shape and location of the seats is to be negotiated, however as a guide I would suggest that the budget would allow for the equivalent of 4 X 6metre long benches supported on stainless steel legs or 24 metres of seating to seat a maximum of 45 persons.” Sample discussion of brief for Public Art Commission

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