Project Description

aquamusicCurved Wood Creations TasmaniaAquaphonium

In August 2002 Paul Bowman from Deloraine Rotary Club, commissioned Kim Clark to undertake a whimsical community arts project, a water powered music machine – to be exhibited at the Tasmania Craft Fair.
Kim enlisted the help of local creative and engineering geniuses;

  • John Parish
  • Paul Noordanus
  • Frank Clark
  • Tony Imison
  • Hans Meijer
  • Neville Badcock
  • Brook Groombridge
  • Meander Primary School
  • Mole Creek Primary School
  • Deloraine High School
  • Our Lady of Mercy School
  • Ashley Youth Detention Centre


The instrument is made from Huon Pine and stainless steel. The Huon Pine water channel contains the water supply to the various instruments.

  • Pan pipes
  • Irish whistle plonk dunker
  • 6 string rotary guitar
  • Swiss Horn
  • Balinese gamelan instrument

The Aquaphonium is on display at the Great Western Tiers Visitor’s Centre, Emu Bay Road Deloraine.