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Curved Wood Creations by Kim Clark

Kim Clark, owner and founder, of Curved Wood Creations of Meander, Tasmania Australia creates designs with round and curved wooden frames and curved glass that some people may think is not possible.
Curved Wood Creations specialises in the use of round or curved (bent) timber frames to produce unusual and interesting designs, no matter the type of construction or project.
Kim has always had a love of timber and a fascination with how it can be sculptured into the making of beautiful round or curved timber:
This fascination led to the establishment of Curved Wood Creations in 1989. With Kim's unique skills and an intimate understanding of a wide variety of timbers and their many facets, his work is of the highest standard and is unsurpassed in Australia.
Kim prefers to work with beautifully striking timbers such as Blackwood, Celery Top Pine, Silver Wattle, Myrtle and New Zealand Kauri Pine. The visual field of the eye is almost round, so for maximum view with minimum opening a round or curved wooden frame is the ideal choice.
The fluid designs of Kim's curved wooden frames lend themselves ascetically in the construction of homes, other buildings or projects made from non-geometrical stones like sandstone, bluestone and granite. Many designs, originally only constructed from steel, are suitable for conversion into an alternative curved timber and glass based construction.
The woods used in Kim's creations are sourced from sustainable logging practices. Growing tees absorb CO2 and give off oxygen until they are mature. The practice of felling mature trees and replacing with new growth is of considerable environmental value.
Curvewood Creations